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Don’t Go It Alone

Why start a platform, community, or new outreach without a support system? The Order of Saint Hildegard is here with the vision and tools to develop and support you. We are centered on the healthy and whole development of our affiliate members and chaplains. Whatever good work you are envisioning, we are both training new spiritual leaders and *retraining* established ones. The Order of Saint Hildegard seeks individuals who are ready to change the way we do faith communities.

Affiliate Membership


Join our private online community. Your growth in this space is unlimited. Resources abound. Make in-person connects, receive rate reductions and early registrations for events and programs. Simply select Monthly donation at the $33 rate.

Community Events

Virtual Monthly Offerings

Come join us for online events and get to know The Order of Saint Hildegard Community first-hand. We host both public and members-only gatherings. All events can be found at our Facebook page.

Become a Chaplain

2-year program

The Order of Saint Hildegard is looking for self-aware people who have a vision for serving the well-being of others while actively recovering from trauma and disillusionment. Our program is robust and comprehensive. Be ordained and credentialed around your unique gifts.

Gather ‘Round

Within The Order of Saint Hildegard
you will find…

a welcoming set of operational values

courageous transparency supported by a non-heirarchical strengths-based approach

a process of consent and self-guidance
in our chaplaincy training

ordination and a lifetime community of guidance
to our chaplain members

support for those who want to attempt
“controlled burns” of toxic systems

Whether you choose affiliation or pursue chaplaincy credentialing — The Order of Saint Hildegard embodies a wealth of scrappy, faithful experience and wisdom.