Grow With Us

Be The Change

Join a 2-year chaplaincy program cohort

Do you feel like the world spiritual stage is supposed to look very different from the church? The Order of Saint Hildegard is here with the vision and tools to develop and support you. Whether you know what kind of community-building you want to do or are not sure yet, we are seeking individuals who are ready to change the way we do faith communities. Become a free-range cleric or chaplain with BIG support and accountability.

Chaplaincy Program FAQS

Can I apply if I am agnostic? Pagan?


LGBTQ Christian Ex-Vangelical?


Seminary Student?


Accountant? Social Worker? Dancer? Barfly?


Can I do this and work full time?


Is it mostly online?

YES – interactive, some live and some independent.
You will be part of a core group for two years.
There will be opportunities to meet in person.

The Order of Saint Hildegard is centered on the healthy and whole development of our chaplains and members.

Are you an influencer? speaker? author?

Join a cohort of kindred spirits

The Order of Saint Hildegard is looking to help people with high profiles in need of community, comic relief, confidentiality and learning/unlearning the ways of empire together. You will be credentialed just like our community chaplains to cultivate safe public spaces and receive timely support in crisis if and when it occurs. This is a cohort aimed at those with a wide public reach on multiple platforms for a variety of possible reasons and will require a confidentiality agreement with regard to the other members and their privacy. No more than six persons per cohort, mutual consent emphasized. Your interest and participation will be kept confidential. Email Frances below for more information.