About Us

Our Identity & Purpose

We Are…

See Our Mission Statement Below

  • working at the intersection of social-science best practices and spiritual development
  • breaking down the barriers to leadership for people the church has left behind
  • providing education and guidance to develop novel ministries in all the places people have need
  • embracing every day life and popular culture with joy and discernment
  • embracing an eco-spiritual digital mindset

We aim daily toward…

  • Courage and Reconciliation
  • Authenticity and Awareness
  • Prayer/Meditation (Presence) and Embodiment

Our Mission

The Order of Hildegard is an unaffiliated community of practice which exists to center, affirm and develop the interfaith cross-vocational spiritual leadership of those marginalized by traditional religious structures such as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, people with disabilities and neuro diversities and those otherwise disillusioned with harmful, puritanical, patriarchal religious structures. We transform public and private spiritual ethics and practices in a wide range of settings and traditions, cultivating a vibrant, widespread community while sharing resources for the thriving of our members and to impact the larger culture.

Our work together honors a fluid and nonbinary embrace of…

  • ancient and emerging
  • masculine and feminine
  • heaven and earth
  • embodied and transcendent
  • inner and outer
  • mystical and practical
  • East and West
  • heart and mind
  • orderly and free

We will serve bravely and seek to do no harm, aiming to get it right without always being right.

With due honor, dignity and proper criticism we leave behind the patriarchal/hierarchical container built by the church of the first 2000 years.

We work forward to build the Beloved Community where all are celebrated in their gifts and where we are reconciled one to another.