We are a community of affirmation and reconciliation

We are breaking down barriers to leadership

We are uprooting empire theology and toxic spirituality

We are compassionate keepers of the Earth

Leadership development
from the roots up

The Order of Saint Hildegard is an expansive, dispersed intentional community centered on the healthy and whole development of our members and chaplains. We are a charitable non-profit organization emphasizing formation and ongoing mentorship. Our cohorts provide healthy spiritual leadership training with both small and large scale community opportunities.

Matron saint for the new “church”

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) was canonized as a Saint in 2012. Her Feast Day in the Catholic church is September 17th, but her acceptance as a saint is not what leads our organization to her. A closer look reveals a woman who embodied the wisdom of the ages and her example leads us in a time where the world is awakening from hibernation.

Abbess of a Benedictine monastery, Hildegard was a Christian mystic and polymath (genius) skilled in musical composition, theology & philosophy, biology & medicine along natural history and artistic vision.

She refused to be defined by the patriarchal hierarchy of the church, and although she abided by its structures, pushed the established boundaries for women almost past their limits. — Joshua J. Mark

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Your contribution or membership pledge allows The Order of Saint Hildegard to credential chaplains in an array of vocations and build a community of support and belonging.

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